Friday, April 15, 2011

A flyer!

Hello, just a quick update.

Almost all the hardlandscaping materials for the garden were transported from Devon to Malvern last weekend. It was hard work and very frustrating. We had to drive from Surrey to Devon, hire a huge van from Devon and then drive up to Malvern then back all in one day! It was exhausting. Tim was an amazing star. He did all the booking and van driving. I couldn't have done it without him... I count my blessing everyday that Tim is around and helping and supporting me. His dad was spectacular as well.

Unfortunately the biggest van that we could find was not big enough for the wall! So we had to chop the wall into two halves, straight down the middle. I was not happy, but it had to be done. So hopefully we can join them up again on site. We also managed to squeeze in the circular display without harming it too much, and all the wooden planters were also transported.

The drive to Malvern and back was uneventful.

I have also managed to whipped up a flyer to be distributed during the show. It will be printed on A4 sheets and folded into three sections. See attached. What do you think? Is it too busy?

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