Sunday, May 1, 2011

First night at Malvern

Last night was the first night that I spent onsite at the Three Counties Showground, where my garden is being built. The garden is progressing well by the way, I just need to find time to take a few snapshots and post it.

Anyway, in order to keep cost down, I had decided to stay onsite rather than pay for hotel/B&B for two weeks whilst I am here. I am no fan of camping and had only done it once for about a day and hated it. So I opted to sleep in my estate car. Well that didn't turn out quite as planned, and I should have tried it first. But it was difficult to completely block all lights from coming through the windows and I am too freaking tall! If I was 5 inches shorter, I would have fitted nicely in the car. The good thing about sleeping in car compared with in a tent if warmth, cossiness and quietness. My colleagues sleeping in tent have been complaining about the cold and damp and also the barking of dogs. Yes we have on site a 3 days dog show, and the owners with their dogs are staying onsite too. You cannot believe how noise a couple of dogs can be! I'd rather sleep by the M25!!!!

Waking up was pure bliss though, well stumbling out as I didn't sleep at all. So I am feeling rough and tired. But the view is simply stunning. If the dogs would shut up, I think this has been one of my nicest morning view. The Malvern Hills are right in front of me as I type and they are basking in the early spring sunshine... Jerusalem song came in my head immediately seeing this beautiful English countryside... Corny I know, but true though.

I'll post more later if I had the energy, but here's a lousy shot of what I meant (see below). The tent is not mine, and I am too lazy to move to take a better shot!

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